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Architects drawings are an integral part of the success of a building, not only do they give the client a detailed plan of what the building will look like and the size of each part of the building when it is complete, it allows the correct amount of materials to be ordered, which helps to keep everything on budget.

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Reasons why you might require architects drawings are for planning permission, or to get a grasp on complex design issues.

If you are having major building work done like an extension or a new kitchen layout it is a good idea to get architects drawings done by professionals like Norcroft Construction.

Types of Architects Drawings

There four main types of architects drawings, elevation, plan, section and perspective.


An elevation drawing is a drawing of the building seen from one side, it shows the external facets of the building.  You would normally have an elevation drawing for each side of the building where work was taking place, with each elevation labelled depending on which direction it was facing.


A Plan is a top down floor plan of the building, showing boundaries, access points and interior layout details. A plan drawing would usually be the type of drawing your local planning department would want to see if your building required planning permission.


A  section drawing is a cross section of the building, as if the building had been sliced vertically enabling you to see inside the building, anything cut by the section will shown in solid fill, this is great for seeing not only the elevation of the building but the interior.


A perspective drawing is a view of the building or a room inside the building from a particular perspective. There are three types of perspective drawings, 1 point, 2 point and 3 point perspective, each showing a different level of vanishing point and viewing angle. This type of drawing add more realism to the actual room than the other three.


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